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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  January 27, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. noonw, abc seven news at on your side. come andadline has gone and many people in montgomery county say their roads have not seen a single loud. that is despite the promise from sheet saying that every
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would have a least plow past five this morning. we are live in rockville this noon with how things are progressing. this afternoon, these residents here are taking matters into their own hands. they say they got a broken promise by the county executive who said that by 7:00 this morning all county roads, including neighborhoods, would be possible, at least one pass by a plow. case.s not the i just got off the phone with the county executive himself and he tells me this is not a case of broken promises. he says he made me clear -- he made it clear yesterday that they would miss one or two streets but they would eventually get to them. street, we understand that 9:00 last night a plow did come through here got about 100 yards into the street and could not continue.
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it broke down and got stuck and had to be towed out. this street was on the list and they did make an attempt at they will come back before -- but by the time they come back, it may be too late. take a look at what is happened. to neighbors banded together to take their way out and now, as each house passes they have collected more folks working hard. you started this, it was you and your dog and a snow shovel. why did you feel the need? i think we had a promise and we got frustrated and there is a sense of community in this neighborhood. toldhat is what they had us, that they were coming.
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time they should ask the community for help. john: it is amazing what you've asked have been able to do in just an hour. you are basically clearing out the road and the huge snow mountain that was left in the middle of the road by the plow last night. the commissioner said this is not a case of broken promises. they tried and they said they were coming back. all it takes is a lot of people really. i'm sure everybody has done the best they could. is enough, it seems. >> yes, we have to go back to work. john: the county executive did make that promise and we just got off the phone with him and he says they are trying to make their way back over there now. we know there are a handful of roads that are still buried and they are working on it. but just know, he says this is not a broken promise.
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neighborhoodsome still have not seen snowplows, or people are hitting the roads as people get back to work. jamie sullivan is here now with a check on traffic. jamie: i want to start with the beltway. a tractor-trailer was disabled and had been in place for hours. as you can see, this is a backup. get closer toou the dulles toll road. right just clear away so around georgetown continuing on the outer and getting into virginia, we are still flowing and then you get the break past the toll road but we are in the single digits because of that. traveling in virginia on northbound 395, snow removal traveling are placed. on the gw parkway, the
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northbound lanes are open and the southbound lane is open but only one lane gets by. snowturkey run, the removal is scheduled for the next three hours. there may be rolling closures and partial closures and foreclosures. rock creek parkway is fully closed in both directions until 3:00. the clara barton parkway and the bw parkway, the same thing. if you are traveling in d.c., nothing to report on the freeway. 295, still in pretty good shape. jeannette reyes is in mobile you areven, currently on 66, how does it look in falls church? >> i want to get to that beltway accident quickly. you covered the biggest issue, is the accident with the
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tractor-trailer. look at the road in front of me. 495, where the accident happened near tysons is looking like this, moving smoothly. at one point we were moving at eight miles per hour, it took us over an hour to move that distance. if you take a look here, you can see traffic is moving along nicely, this is a long 66 eastbound past the dulles toll road. we know federal agencies are on a two hour delay so they can come in a little later. we were expecting to see some congestion around this time when a lot of employees will be heading into work but surprisingly it is not looking too bad. again, you want to take a heads up if you're headed this way that traffic will build once the employees start to come in. early this morning, the issue was what roads. it has dried out a little bit.
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they are working hard to get on the roads to work. the maryland state highway ableistration told us that or going too fast and causing a lot of the accidents. so give yourself some time. there have been multiple car accidents on the highway. back inside to you. that: we should point out all metro rail lines are back up and running for the first time since friday night. metro is operating buses on a moderated plan. resuming limited service this morning. mark, the pen line is running on schedule. the camden line a train. amtrak is fully back on schedule. most schools remain closed today. they are scrolling at the bottom of your screen. but students and teachers in the
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district are back in class. and federal workers had a three-hour delay and sam sweeney is in washington with how things are going. sam: after three days of shutdown, public schools are back open and the sensible's were welcoming their students back into school. they are not the only ones headed back. the federal government also opened its doors for the first time. the ec this morning, school bells rang for the first time since thursday. so what did they do with their free time? >> i worked on my homework because we had a lot that we went sledding and we had a snowball fight. sam: it was hard to tell who was more excited to get back. kids or parents? >> yes. i mean, no. we enjoyed this special time
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together. schools were shoveled and the staff were ready to go. >> the sidewalks are clear and the buildings have heat. we are ready to go. sam: despite a three-hour delay, federal employees were eager to get back. >> it was a nice unexpected rake but i'm ready to get back in. becauseg in in advance we have a lot of work to do today. sam: the school district says the federal government will have a lot of people downtown and some of the roads are still limited. we do have snow covering some of the lanes. it could be a hectic commute home. reporting live, i am sam sweeney. the national mall just reopened at noon. that does include the washington monument and ford's theatre historical site. abc 7 has been keeping tabs on the storm.
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stay with us for up-to-the-minute coverage of digging out to those 16. and download our free app. the melting is continuing but we could have some re-freezing. brian: we have stayed above freezing over the last few nights. it wasn't as i see but tonight it is a different story. let's take a look at the numbers. through,ont has come 42 degrees in fredericksburg. a cooler wind out of the north and west is starting to move in. we will have some decent --shine and the two chairs and the temperatures are bumping up. the parking lot are starting to get dry. to school butack i think some of the western suburbs won't be until next
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week. the breeze has kicked in and through the afternoon, some temperatures will start to drop back. where we should be, clear and cold tonight. we will be drying out by the weekend. we could have temperatures back in the 50's and we will touch on that coming up in a minute. jummy: coming up, new developments in the oregon standoff. details from the deadly shooting and a federal investigation that is underway. plus, a must-see video after a six alarm fire in new orleans. what we know about the building. plus, growing concern about the virus, the latest on the spread. the story you need to hear. cooldown tonight but warmerr
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jummy: turning to vote 2016, another shakeup. donald trump is skipping the republican debate on thursday, the last one before the iowa caucus. all of -- all this as they make the final push for votes. >> apparently, he is not joking. donald trump's campaign says he is skipping the next presidential debate on thursday, days before the first votes were cast. >> i will be doing the debate. >> today, his campaign manager said it was an issue of fairness. >> it's not appropriate to have , it is like that impossible to have a fair debate. trump posted this message on social media. is really biased
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against me and she knows that and i know that. >> he seems caught offguard by the sarcastic response from fox news. that ayatollah and putin both intend to treat donald trump unfairly. >> i don't like that they sent of that message. >> a new abc news and washington post poll shows hillary clinton leading bernie sanders nationally that bernie sanders has cut the lead in a poll. overnight, 15,000 people turned up to cb senator in minnesota. is the campaign that has the momentum to take us all the way to the white house. >> bernie sanders will get a taste of the white house when he inits with president obama the oval office before traveling back to iowa.
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the spokesman for the militia that took over a federal building in oregon is dead and seven others is dead -- seven others are in custody. daysfficials say after 24 of a standoff, they arrested the leader at a traffic stop. during one of the stops, gunfire was exchanged, killing the groups spokesperson. they just unloaded on him and shot him a whole bunch of times. they killed him. brother was released into custody. they all face federal conspiracy charges. we moved to new orleans where firefighters are on the scene of a massive fire. this six alarm blaze broke out on canal street this morning. it burned primarily on the upper
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floor of a fourth story building. investigators believe they know what caused the fire but they are not commenting. no immediate reports of injuries. few u.s. neighborhoods are affordable, walkable and near good schools. but some of the recommended areas are in the district. d.c. and seattle, washington top the list of quality neighborhoods. explored neighborhoods across the country and 14% met the quality standards that include good restaurants and shopping. a little warmer out there, i think people are out enjoying the restaurants and getting some shopping done. brian: getting rid of the cabin fever. -- that was fun. it will be a little breezy out there over the next few days. no real weather is happening
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until next week other than a warming trend for the weekend. we appreciate that. look at the ice in the tidal basin. ,ou are looking at that picture we have gotten up to 42 degrees. there were a couple of sprinkles in a few spots and it wasn't a big deal. but as the front passes our area, we notice a research in cooler air. tonight, temperatures will debt action to below freezing and that means the flashiness on neighborhood side will turn icy tonight. yesterday we had the residual moisture but it wasn't as icy. 44 degrees in falls church. billy is 41 degrees. in god at. we will peak here at the afternoon.
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there is the moisture from early this morning. that is not a feature for us. tomorrow, partly sunny skies as we head into thursday. not a bad day. we talked earlier that we have a late week system and people got riled up. there is oyster but it is off the coast. we will keep the moisture to the south and while we have clouds, no big systems coming our way. once we get through the end of the week, our wind will shift and we have a warming trend for the weekend. clouds will continue to break up. older air settling in tonight. 15-24 degrees. , 11 degrees. 12 degrees in frederick. 26 degrees in prince george's
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county. 18 degrees in culpeper. it will be a cold night, be prepared. tomorrow, back in the 40's with a mixture of sunshine and clouds. by the weekend, a nice push. by sunday, i think we can get well into the 50's, maybe even flirt with 60 degrees on sunday and monday. definitely a nice mild trend. do you know what 56 degrees is going to feel like after a blizzard? thank you. coming up, an important health alert that you want to hear. a case of zika virus here in virginia. we will tell
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jummy: we want to turn to a health matters alert. the zika virus pandemic is spreading. there are 19 cases in puerto rico. offeringines are now worried travelers waivers and refunds for trips they have talked to affected areas. >> growing concerns about the spread of the zika virus. president obama convened a meeting on the issue and they decided they need to develop a vaccine. brain development in babies. babies can be born with abnormally small heads. this on top of a travel advisory for pregnant women to avoid these areas where it has been detected. salvador, officials are
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asking women to not have babies until 2018. people become ill with symptoms like rash, fever and red eyes. in brazil, the host company fourth this summer's olympics, the minister said the country is battle 220,000 troops to the spread of the virus. a doctorin jennifer -- in new york city has gotten calls from patients about traveling. >> we are getting calls every day. >> others are taking action into their own hands. and theyweeks pregnant are canceling their upcoming baby moon to the caribbean. >> it is not worth the risk to put the baby in harms way. jummy: all that melting snow today is expected to re-freeze as colder temperatures move in
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jummy: later today can some of the re-freeze might be going on. brian: tonight we will be in the 20's and teens. the next couple of days, 40's were we should be but by the weekend, 50's. jummy: thank you and thank you for jo
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>> 14 questions, three lifelines, $1 million, and it all boils down to six simple words: "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hello, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "who wants to be millionaire"? [cheers and applause] good. having had her first child at age 50, our first contestant is here to win money for her 12-year-old son and her retirement. from briarcliff manor, new york, please welcome celiane silverstein. [cheers and applause] hi, celiane. >> hi, how are you doing? >> good to see you. welcome. come on over. well, you got in t


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